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CCTV Camera inspection of drain

Our Work

At Peak District Drains we are able to offer a full range of services from clearing blocked drains to replacing broken or damaged pipes and installations of new systems.

New surface water drain


New Surface Water Trap

The old clay surface water trap was broken resulting in the ground being flooded.  We installed a new plastic trap and pipe which we connected to the main drain.


Collasped Drain

The old drain was blocked and once the camera had been deployed it showed the pipe has collapsed and so a new plastic drain was installed, connected and checked for free flow.

New plastic pipe intalled
Sewer emptied and new sewer pump installed


Sewer Tank Pump Failure

We were called to a backed up toilet which upon inspection showed the holding tank was full due to a broken pump.  After sucking out all the waste we were able to install a new pump and jet the blocked drains.


Septic Tank Installation

Here we excavated for a new septic tank and installed a concrete base for the tank to be sited on before the tank was sited and covered.

New concrete base for septic tank
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